The beginning of a new chapter

We’ve spent nearly two weeks on our property now and it’s been 12 days that I won’t soon forget.  The first two days were spent cutting in a driveway that would allow us to access and park on our property.  Friends came for the weekend to celebrate our purchase with us and just as they were leaving the first major snowstorm of the season was rolling in.  On Sunday somewhere around 8” of fresh powder fell from the sky and for two consecutive nights the lows dipped down to single digits.  It was our first time living in our trailer in such frigid temps but with plenty of propane on hand we stayed nice and cozy and nothing froze.  Since the storm dissipated five days ago, temps have steadily risen and made their way back to the 60s making for a gorgeous week… aside from our muddy surroundings and a driveway that’s not passable until it dries out.  

While we’ve technically been stuck here, it has hardly felt that way.  Dreaming and scheming what we would like this place to become in the future is plenty to keep us busy at the moment.  Not to mention the endless opportunities for hiking and biking that surround us as well as Mark’s new hobby of sourdough bread-making.  The last two days have been spent in a carb-coma after indulging in his experimentation projects that have included sourdough pancakes, cheesy sourdough biscuits and sourdough bread.  Some may think of life lived in a 200 sq foot trailer as restrictive but ours lately has been anything but.

On Thursday we hiked out to the car, that we luckily decided to leave parked in the cul-de-sac, and drove in to town for groceries and a quick trip to the laundromat.  We arrived home after dark and, beneath the full moon, hiked our groceries 1/4 mile in from our car back to the trailer.  Yesterday we spent two hours hiking through our property and the adjacent BLM land.  Today I sunk my hands in the clay-like mud and played like a kid because, well, it sounded like fun.

Whether it’s for fun or for chores, everyday here involves a certain amount of living life outdoors.  I feel content here and I believe that’s why, since I’ve always felt restless and confined inside a house.

Our goal with this property is to live as efficiently and economically as we can.  Both of those goals mean working with the land as much as possible.  What that looks like exactly is still somewhat vague but come next spring we’ll begin implementing ideas.  While anything we decide to do is going to entail a great deal of work, I relish the opportunity to become more connected with the land around me.  I believe physically demanding work is often rewarded with peace of mind.  Physical exertion keeps us focused on the task at hand rather than anguished over stresses outside our control.   My anxiety over the future has reached an all-time high this year but I believe this property has the power to keep me grounded.  At least that’s my hope.  Afterall, we’re only 12 days in.  Maybe I’m dreaming…or, maybe my instincts are spot on.  We’ll see.

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By Michele


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