The view from our third campsite in three days.

Forest service was back for another visit this morning.  At least this time they didn’t wake us up.  However, we were still camped illegally, apparently.   While we were now on a legal road, we were camped further from the road than what was allowed.  We’ve never heard of this rule, nor have we ever had this kind of trouble with camping in the National Forest before.  Typically you can consider a previously used and established site the appropriate and legal place to park.  According to the ranger,  we needed to move within one car length from the road.  So, we packed up again and moved about 100 yards closer to the site’s entrance.  Luckily the two guys from the Forest Service that came by both yesterday and today have been polite and easy-going.  I’m hopeful that we won’t see them again, but then, I felt that way yesterday too.  

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By Michele


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