One month in Lake Havasu City: project time!

full-time RV living: entry #5

We had a full plate when we arrived in Lake Havasu City (my hometown) this year.  As any full-time RVer knows, when you have access to a place to do projects and receive packages, you take full advantage.  And that’s exactly what we did from the moment we arrived.  Thanks to the generosity of my dad, we were able to park at his equipment yard and work away.  Living in an industrial area may not be glamorous but the upside is that you can make all the noise you want all hours of the day.  Power tools, compressors, saws, welders…these things are not exactly welcome at campgrounds.  So this stop was exactly what Mark needed to get the Casita trailer all outfitted for our new full-time life on the road.

But it wasn’t all work, we balanced out the month with two weeks at Lake Havasu State Park, one of my all-time favorite campgrounds.  The lake-front sites can’t be beat and there is no place I’d rather spend time with family and friends than around a campfire.  That combined with family dinners and many stops at all our favorite restaurants around town made for a fun-filled, incredibly productive month.

Here’s a little photo recap of our stay:

The waterfront campsites at Lake Havasu State Park can’t be beat and hanging out with friends and family around a campfire is one of my favorite things ever:

Let the projects begin!

Removing the decals was not on the to-do list but I’m so glad we did it!  It was also a much easier project than I thought it was going to be.

Here’s Mark upgrading the batteries in the trailer.  Luckily we sleep in our truck camper because this project went well in to the wee hours of the night:

Mark replaced our single 80 watt solar panel on the truck camper roof with five 120 watt flexible panels.  All five are equivalent in weight to the one glass panel.  Here’s Mark coming up with a game plan for fitting the panels on the roof of the camper:

Having the deck of a pontoon boat to stand on for this project came in handy:

Adding this box off the back of the trailer has helped quite a bit with our lack of utility space:

While Mark worked on outfitting our travels, I hung out in my new office working on business projects.

My brother and sister-in-law cooked up an awesome Thanksgiving dinner:

Is there any better holiday than one that centers around food and family?!  I think not : )

Well that’s all for our time in Havasu!  We’re now out in the Arizona desert putting our new power setup to the test and are loving all the upgrades that are affording us the chance to be completely self-sustained! 


Hello, I'm Michele

Hello, I'm Michele

While taking pictures is what I do for a living, this website is not about photography or making money.  It’s about my perpetual pursuit of a life well-lived and my desire for people to live with less stress and more joy.  This website is not about HOW TO achieve XYX, it’s about HOW I achieve XYZ (along with the myriad of thought processes that get me there).  If it motivates you too to be better, than I’m really glad you’re here.  I believe the world would be a better place if we all spent more time bettering ourselves rather than judging others.


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