My favorite thing about full-time RV living

The National Historic Landmark of Interlaken Resort. Twin Lakes, Colorado.

Cleaning, cooking, bills, healthcare, maintenance, jobs…these things all still exist when you live on the road. And when you’re living inside your RV, life doesn’t feel all that different from living in a house. It’s just smaller and you have to figure out where you’re going to find water and dispose of your waste. Until you step outside. We move every 1-2 weeks, which means every 1-2 weeks we have an entirely new view and new area to explore. So, in that 1-2 weeks, exploring and getting to know the area is our source of entertainment. Nearly every afternoon lately we either go for a hike or a drive to somewhere new. The constant rotation of new things to see, new trails to experience and new roads to explore is what I absolutely love most about this lifestyle. Mark & I, admittedly, get bored easily. This is why I think the full-time RV lifestyle suits us so well. (But, I must say, if I had to stay here in Buena Vista for the long haul, I’d probably be just fine with that too.)

Today’s hike to interlaken resort

a once bustling resort built in 1879

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