Mind games

The sunsets lately have been impossible to ignore. Pike National Forest, Colorado.

There’s this song that I’d never heard until we moved to Idaho. Then, when I was missing Colorado terribly, I started to hear it all the time. The chorus goes…

I wanna go home, I wanna go home
I wanna feel the way I did
I wanna go home, I wanna go home
Back, back to the way it was

-Stick Figure, Sound of the Sea

And every time I would hear this song I would nearly be brought to tears at my longing to be back in Colorado.

Today, when this song came on I was astonished at what my mind was doing to me. It was longing for Idaho. Here I was, back in Colorado, and yet it was making me wish I was back in a past life…again.

The mind can be so misleading. It wants for something, just to turn around and want for something else the moment you get there. It’s the trap you get caught in when you’re always looking forward and backwards rather than right in front of you.

The lyric “I wanna go home” trained me to dwell on the past every time I heard it.

If I could change that lyric to “I am home” it no longer feeds my nostalgia and instead fuels my gratitude for the present. A simply shift that has the power to change our outlook entirely.

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By Michele


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