Kicked out

Our sunset hike ended the day on a high note. Pike National Forest, Colorado.

Today was one of those days that fully embodied the highs and lows of full-time RV living. It started with a forest service ranger waking us up with a knock on our door first thing this morning to tell us that we were camped on an illegal road and needed to move. This was a first for us. The road we were on was well-established, as well as the campsite we were parked at and there was no signage indicating that we were somewhere we shouldn’t be. Had we not just woken up, Mark probably would have had more questions but he simply told them he understood and agreed to move.

Our surprise wake up call must have caused me to wake up on the wrong side of the bed cause I was in a funk the rest of the day. My mind was caught in a reel of negativity and my clumsiness was at an all time high. It didn’t help that as we were packing, we discovered that last week’s mice invasion wasn’t just in the trailer, they made their way in to the truck camper as well. While Mark cleaned up that mess, I bumbled my way through packing up the trailer. When all was said and done, we relocated about a 1/2 mile away to a spot on another road that we’re hoping is legal.

The original plan for our Sunday was to hike the mountain that we’d been eyeing all week in the distance. But between our unplanned move and afternoon thunderstorms, that plan was shot. Come 6:00 I really wanted to go hike up that mountain. It was a weird day filled with unforeseen headaches and climbing a mountain to watch the sunset seemed like a good way to turn it all around.

We packed some sandwiches and an hour later we were sitting on a jagged little peak watching what felt like all of Colorado bask in the last light of the day. As we hiked back, the edge of the shadow from the mountain we just stood on chased us and the sun began to disappear. We made it back just in time for me to wrap up in a blanket and watch the full moon rise. By this point my frustration for this day had completely dissipated. This lifestyle may have its nuisances but the magical moments that seem to happen regularly far outweigh the cons.

Here’s hoping tomorrow doesn’t begin with another unexpected knock on our door.

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