Hello 2018: Boondocking outside Sedona, AZ

full-time RV living: entry #7

We were craving some privacy and wilderness so it was time to move on from Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood.  However, we weren’t ready to say goodbye to the area so we simply set out to nearby Coconino National Forest.  I have no doubt the Sedona/Cottonwood area is a popular camping destination year-round but I think the perfect weather and holiday week (it was the day after Christmas) made it that much more challenging to find a spot.  A few days prior we drove around the entire day going down forest road after forest road looking for possible spots not having much luck.  At the end of the day, we found a good one, we just had to keep our fingers crossed it would still be empty when we came back with the trailer.  To our delight…it was.

Every morning we woke up to hot air balloons floating around Sedona and every evening we enjoyed panoramic views of the red rocks lit up by the setting sun.  The only thing that took away from the perfection of this spot was the nearby highway noise but it was easy to ignore given our beautiful surroundings.

Here’s how we enjoyed 6 days boondocking in the Verde Valley before continuing our tour through Arizona…

This is where we rang in 2018 which left me insanely curious where we would end it.  I guess you and I both will have to stay tuned to find out : )

Hello, I'm Michele

Hello, I'm Michele

While taking pictures is what I do for a living, this website is not about photography or making money.  It’s about my perpetual pursuit of a life well-lived and my desire for people to live with less stress and more joy.  This website is not about HOW TO achieve XYX, it’s about HOW I achieve XYZ (along with the myriad of thought processes that get me there).  If it motivates you too to be better, than I’m really glad you’re here.  I believe the world would be a better place if we all spent more time bettering ourselves rather than judging others.


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