Falling in love with Buena Vista

Enjoying a post-hike snack and sunset on Cottonwood Pass.

There are countless mountain towns worthy of falling in love with in Colorado. For me, Buena Vista is quickly climbing to the top of that list. The town itself is lively with a vibrant and walkable downtown, great shops and restaurants and the Arkansas River flowing right through the middle of it all. There’s no resort here so it doesn’t feel overly expensive and touristy. And, no matter what direction you go from town there is stunning scenery and endless recreation opportunities. What I think I love most though is the unique combination of desert and mountains, my two favorite things in the world. We’re surrounded by cactus and massive rock outcroppings at our campsite in town but a short 30 minute drive will get you up to 12,000′ and above treeline. That combination is downright dreamy if you ask me.

Tonight we made the short drive up Cottonwood Pass, went for a nice, easy hike and then hung out for a bit to enjoy the view and the grandeur of it all. We’ve really enjoyed spending 1-2 weeks in each spot that we travel to, getting to know the area and then heading somewhere new. However, I’ll really be surprised if I’m ready to leave here that soon.

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By Michele


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