{Photo of the day: Sunset with friends at our new property.}

Today we welcomed the first guests to our property for a short but sweet overnighter. It turned out our location was the perfect pit stop for Kate, Doug, Troy and Randy on their way to a river trip in Arizona.

For the last 12 years or so we’ve been camping with Kate & Doug on their property in Park County. 14 acres of land that is one of the most magical places I’ve ever gotten to experience. Years ago the four of us would spend hours sketching out the very first drawings of what would eventually become the cabin that now resides on their property. This summer, knowing we were on the hunt, Kate & Doug began searching for property for us before we were even back in the state. Once we were here they were our sounding board, helping us figure out which property was right for us. It was entirely too fitting that they be the first ones to share and celebrate our property with us.

Tonight I was walking down the path to the overlook where everyone was enjoying the sunset and the scene I walked up on made my heart so happy. Five friends gathered around, laughing, taking photos, three dogs running around like maniacs and a sunset painting fire in the sky.

While this place offers a tremendous amount of solitude, something I relish, having such a magical place to share with our friends and family is what has me the most excited about what the future holds here on this land.

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