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This is so surreal


{Photo of the day: Mark working on creating our driveway.} For some reason, I need space, and a lot of it. Neighbors drive me a little nuts. Our next door neighbors at our last house had such a lack of boundaries that I about lost my cool on more than one occasion. Finding space these days though, isn’t easy. Properties seem to just keep getting smaller, and houses built closer and closer...

We’re landowners!


{Photo of the day: Clearing a path so that we can park our trailer on our property.} What a year this has been. In January I never in a million years could have predicted we’d be here, living full-time on the road again and now the owners of 35 acres of land in Colorado. I’m giddy. I’m in shock. Mostly, I’m really proud of how Mark & I have tackled the challenges that...

It’s happening


{Photo of the day: Sorry folks, this one is for our eyes only – the check that will pay for the 35 acres that will officially be ours tomorrow.} In the last month that we’ve been under contract on our property, several people have asked me if I’m excited. The honest answer is that I haven’t thought much about it. I think my subconscious has been protecting me from any...

Mission accomplished


{Photo of the day: unhooking our utility trailer to leave in storage.} The purpose of our trip to Idaho was to pick up our utility trailer and bring it back to Colorado. When we got to the RV park where we stored our travel trailer during our trip, we got to do a fun juggling act of unhooking the little trailer, getting the big trailer out of storage and in to our camp site, then moving the...

Back to Colorado


{Photo of the day: We enjoyed quiet highways through Wyoming and Utah on our way back to Colorado.} Our week in Idaho was a blast, all because of the time we were able to spend with good friends. In regards to living there though, we don’t miss it. While it was an experience I’ll never forget, it was never the right fit. Today we made our way back towards Colorado, with a quick...

A rock climbing mecca


{Photo of the day: Hiking with Claire & Brandon in the City of Rocks.}

Little did we know, when we set out to go camping at the City of Rocks National Reserve, that it was a rock climbing mecca. We soon figured this out today when we went for a hike in the reserve. It’s all making sense now why campsites are so hard to come by.

A story of four friends


{Photo of the day: Camping with Claire & Brandon, Almo, ID.} I can’t let our time with Claire & Brandon pass by without telling the story of how our friendship began. I love it too much to not share. Claire & I met at a yoga studio in Nampa, Idaho. I was 6 months in to living in Idaho, was struggling with the lack of access to public lands for exercise and was at a total loss as...

Nearly striking out at the City of Rocks


{Photo of the day: Claire & Brandon arriving at our next destination, Almo, ID.} While camping with Claire & Brandon in the Owyhee desert the last few days we all decided we’d like to go check out the City of Rocks National Reserve outside of Almo, Idaho. The City of Rocks isn’t near anything. It’s a little over 3 hours from Boise and a little under 3 hours from Salt...

Dog love


{Photo of the day: Chance & Tucker at camp} We’ve been without dogs for a little over a year now and it’s been quite a change from having dogs for the previous 15. While we’re enjoying the break (saying goodbye to dogs is heartbreaking and not something I want to do again anytime soon) it sure is nice that all our friends have dogs. We soak up all the dog love and snuggles...

The people make the place


{Photo of the day: Back in Idaho with some of our favorite people.} The year and a half we spent living in Idaho was complicated and at times really hard on Mark & I. However, some things transpired during that time, that I never could have predicted, that made our time there so completely worth it. Those things I’m speaking of are the relationships we made with the people in this photo...


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