Wedding prep


{Testing gear for tomorrow’s wedding.}

Photographing weddings is so much more than the wedding itself. At least half my day, the day before, is spent preparing. Making sure everything is charged and works is one of several vital steps I take so that I can show up and not miss a beat. Because there’s zero margin for error on a day as sacred as a wedding.

Back to Buena Vista


We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spend one more week in Buena Vista before we part ways with the High Rockies until next summer. The town of BV and this awesome free camping spot, only a few miles from downtown, is almost too good to be true.

Busy week, Messy house


Our weekend consisted of 2 weddings, 1 portrait session and 11,586 photos taken. Between the insanely gorgeous fall weather, our plan to move to a new spot this week, more shoots coming up this weekend and the copious amounts of editing that needs to be done, it’s time to prioritize and let all else take a backseat…like keeping the trailer as clean and organized as I like.

Sunday in Steamboat


{The B Family. Steamboat Springs, Colorado}

If I’ve learned one thing about how to have a successful (and authentic) family portrait session, it’s to simply let kids be kids.

Just Married


{Molly & Dan. Steamboat Springs, Colorado}

16 years of photographing weddings for a living and I’ve come to find that the in-between moments have just as much heart and soul as the monumental ones.

Cabin Fever


It’s been cold, windy, overcast and a bit snowy the last four days. Between that and all the editing I’ve had to do we’ve spent most of our week inside the trailer. This afternoon, just as the cabin fever was starting to set in, the sky cleared long enough to get out for a short hike. It doesn’t take long for our 200 square foot home to feel small when we spend most of our...

Giving Thanks


{The B Family. Breckenridge, Colorado} Giving gifts is not my forte. My dislike for superfluous material belongings makes it hard for me to give someone some random thing. However, there is one gift that I have forever and will always love to give…photos. Some of my dearest friends and family have homes filled with the photographs I’ve take of them over the years. Not much else in...

A year I’ll never forget


Last year, through a very wonderful and random chain of events, our 19 year old niece from Iowa moved out to Idaho to live with us for the summer. Three months turned in to a year and this past June we parted ways. Saying goodbye was harder than I ever would have imagined. I didn’t know Mackenzie all that well before she moved in with us. I quickly learned that she has a huge heart, a...

Snow day


We went from running our A/C on Saturday (something we very rarely do) to the first snowfall of the season today. It also was only the second day since moving in to our trailer in mid-June that we didn’t open the back door, a sign that we’ve been pretty successful at following the good weather. Luckily it’s melted quickly and temps are expected to climb back in to the 70s by the...


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