An accidental ritual


Tonight, as I watched the sunset from the shoreline of the lake that I grew up on, I had the most vivid memory.  I was 16 years old and my dream was to be a landscape photographer when I grew up.  My absolute most favorite thing to photograph at the time was the sunset.  Whenever I would sense that it was going to be a good one,  I would hop in my Jeep and hightail it down to the water’s edge for...

Memphis was here


It was one of those days where the sun had just set and I had yet to photograph anything.  I was standing outside my dad’s shop, camera in hand, when my brother and sister-in-law pulled up.  Hip-hop music was cranked, in true Colby fashion.  The next thing I see are two thirty-something parents covered in glitter, makeup and face paint.  Today, Memphis, their youngest of four daughters, turned 4...

Almost 4(0)


It delighted me today to watch my youngest niece be the innocent, fearless child that she is.  I watched as she ran back and forth across my dad’s equipment yard, jumping in puddles and grunting rhythmically for no apparent reason.  That’s the thing about being 4 years old, reason is not what motivates her, instincts and curiosity are.  There weren’t any calculations being made in...

An acknowledgment, a recap and a tribute


As I was about to begin telling you about the most delightful week that we just had camping with our friends in the desert, the contrast of my week compared to all the pain and heartache being felt around the world right now hit me upside the head, as it often does lately. Our current lifestyle, living and traveling in an RV, has been treating us so well that it almost feels as though we’ve...

Our new travel style: Living life two weeks at a time


Yesterday we concluded our 14 day stay outside of Hurricane, Utah.  We moved 2 hours south to Lake Mead, Nevada where we plan to once again take advantage of the maximum allowed stay of 14 days.   This is our third time living on the road full-time since 2013.  Each time with a different truck/trailer combo and each time with a different style of travel.  And if there’s...

Breaking the cycle of self-defeat


This year I’ve been in survival mode.  While we’ve made some great decisions over the last 8 months in an effort to adapt to the effects of the pandemic, my mental health is still wrestling with all the uncertainty of the future.  The unstable economy, the pandemic, the election, the civil unrest…it’s all led to a very negative and self-destructive mindset.  That mindset has me struggling with...

Colorado to Utah, with a few hiccups in between


It’s been a busy week.  I’m happy to say that we’re currently residing at a gorgeous site in Southern Utah and the weather could not be better.  But first, a recap of the last week. On Friday the perfect weather that we’d been reveling in at our property was coming to an end.  With snow in the forecast and lows dipping in to the teens, we knew it was time to begin migrating south...

The beginning of a new chapter


We’ve spent nearly two weeks on our property now and it’s been 12 days that I won’t soon forget.  The first two days were spent cutting in a driveway that would allow us to access and park on our property.  Friends came for the weekend to celebrate our purchase with us and just as they were leaving the first major snowstorm of the season was rolling in.  On Sunday somewhere around 8” of...

Changing things up around here


The challenge to photograph every single day of 2020 has been so rewarding. I intend to finish the year strong and am even contemplating continuing the challenge in to 2021. The hardest part of the project has been finding a home for the ever-growing collection of images. In July I decided to start posting them here everyday and additionally write a little something alongside every image. Four...

Feeling Grounded & Grateful


{Photo of the day: Mark enjoying the last bit of sunshine on this cold fall day.} I snapped this photo this evening without much awareness of what I was getting. Then I opened it on my computer and saw Mark’s expression, his eyes closed and a look of absolute contentedness and it made me really happy. The outdoors bring us both so much peace. When we’re living a lifestyle that allows...


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