A rainy day at camp

{Photo of the day: Playing cards and hiding out from the rain.}

When we arrived in the Owyhee desert yesterday the smoke from Oregon’s wildfires was thick. We all commented on how dry the area was and how obvious it is that chances are high this area has not seen precipitation in quite some time.

With that, there was a 30% chance of rain in the forecast for today. Knowing what we all know of the area, we expected a light drizzle. Nothing significant enough to disrupt our time spent outdoors.

A light drizzle began while we were all standing outside eating breakfast and we thought nothing of it, but then it started to ramp up, and for the next 8 or so hours it poured.

Mackenize was supposed to camp with us tonight but that was obviously a terrible idea. She came and hung out with us beneath a tarp for about an hour before we insisted she go take advantage of the dry accommodations she had available to her in Boise.

Eventually we ended up inside Claire & Brandon’s warm and oh-so-cozy trailer playing games and enjoying each other’s company, which is exactly why we were there in the first place. The rain may not be ideal but I wasn’t about to complain when the West is in dire need of precipitation. Not to mention, I have a pretty good feeling it mean we’ll get to enjoy a smoke-free bluebird sky once the storm passes. With that, I have no complaints about our soggy day at camp.

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By Michele


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