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I’m Michele, a professional photographer, full-time traveler and lover of the great outdoors. I’m photographing every day of 2020 and sharing those stories here daily. Want to follow along? Sign up below to receive new posts straight to your inbox.

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August 8: Surprise visitors


Our friends Kate & Doug were camping out in the San Juans this weekend but when they heard we had a gorgeous spot in Buena Vista that was big enough to share, they decided to come camp with us instead. It was a welcome surprise getting to spend the weekend with them and their adorable pups.

August 7: Falling in love with Buena Vista


Enjoying a post-hike snack and sunset on Cottonwood Pass. There are countless mountain towns worthy of falling in love with in Colorado. For me, Buena Vista is quickly climbing to the top of that list. The town itself is lively with a vibrant and walkable downtown, great shops and restaurants and the Arkansas River flowing right through the middle of it all. There’s no resort here so it...

August 6: Moving Day


Sunset from our new home for the week. Buena Vista, Colorado. Moving day is my favorite. It means a new view out my window, a new area to explore and best of all, everything gets cleaned up and organized. (Oh how I love it when our little home is all cleaned up and organized.) Every new spot we park at feels like a fresh start to a new week. Such a satisfying feeling given that I have a never...

August 4: Hiking Bison Peak


Almost to the top. Bison Peak, Lost Creek Wilderness, Colorado. About a month ago we hiked to the top of Mt Royal in Frisco.  It wasn’t long (5 miles round-trip) but it was straight up and straight down.  After that hike Mark asked if we could refrain from doing any summits for awhile.  He wanted a chance to get reacclimatized to the altitude and in better hiking shape before going straight up...

August 3: Relocating…again


The view from our third campsite in three days. Forest service was back for another visit this morning.  At least this time they didn’t wake us up.  However, we were still camped illegally, apparently.   While we were now on a legal road, we were camped further from the road than what was allowed.  We’ve never heard of this rule, nor have we ever had this kind of trouble with camping in the...

August 2: Kicked out


Our sunset hike ended the day on a high note. Pike National Forest, Colorado. Today was one of those days that fully embodied the highs and lows of full-time RV living. It started with a forest service ranger waking us up with a knock on our door first thing this morning to tell us that we were camped on an illegal road and needed to move. This was a first for us. The road we were on was well...

August 1: The Hayman Fire


We went for a drive tonight and got to see the 18 year old remains of the Hayman fire. It was Colorado’s largest wildfire in the state’s history and burned over 138,000 acres from June 8-July 18, 2002. Mark and I will never forget it raining ash the month we moved to Denver to begin art school back in 2002. All caused by a forest ranger burning a letter from her estranged husband.

July 31: Mind games


The sunsets lately have been impossible to ignore. Pike National Forest, Colorado. There’s this song that I’d never heard until we moved to Idaho. Then, when I was missing Colorado terribly, I started to hear it all the time. The chorus goes… I wanna go home, I wanna go homeI wanna feel the way I didI wanna go home, I wanna go homeBack, back to the way it was-Stick Figure, Sound...

July 30: A whole lotta puffy


Enjoying dinner and the sunset from our deck. Pike National Forest, Colorado. Right after I set up the tripod and crawled back in to my chair, Mark made the observation that I was wearing a puffy while curled up in a puffy blanket and sitting in a puffy chair. (In the mountains, we lovingly refer to our down coats as puffy’s, for those that are wondering what the heck I’m talking...


Hi, I'm Michele, a nomadic wedding photographer and lover of the great outdoors. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share and record my thoughts on living simply and intentionally. Check out my wedding and portrait photography at

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